The Ultimate Penguin Force is an agency dedicated to keeping Club Penguin safe. This agency was founded by Agent Mastermind on April 29, 2014. There were RPA Agents who are part of this agency such as Agent Bon Chaos and Agent Club. Agent Unknown used to be a UPF Agent but he left on May 10, 2014 as he found it boring. Just like AU, Agent Club joined the UPF but found it boring and decided to leave. Also Agent Cream Pie left around the first week of May. They were supposed to compete against the RPA in TBOTA but it soon got changed to the SPA and eventually got cancelled. They had a wiki that was opened on April 29, 2014 but due to a vandalism attack, it was abandoned. The old wiki is here and the new one is here. It is unknown if the UPF has shut down or not, mostly because all of Mastermind's agents ditched him except Bon Chaos. It is unknown if he is still an agent. Currently the UPF is a robot agency and has five penguin agents. As of March 13, 2016, both wiki's have been closed down for unknown reasons. As of March 10, 2017, it is unknown whether or not the agency is open as there has not been a mission in almost 3 years and most of the agents of the agency have either been fired or left.


*Agent Mastermind

*Agent Cool

*Agent George

*Agent Violetta

*Agent Austin