Town Center

Where Between the Dock and the Snow Forts
Opened March 31, 2005 (Penguin Chat 3), August 22, 2005 (Beta Testing Party), October 24, 2005
Renovated December 6, 2012
Closed Still Open
Mini-Games None
Room ID 100
Tour Description

The Town Center (most commonly known as the Town) is the main gathering area in Club Penguin, where many Penguins chat, and advertise parties at their igloos. The Town is usually the point of many penguins as it is the first area that penguins join, unless there are one hundred penguins already in the Town, in which case they will enter into many other places. It is the main area of Club Penguin Island's City. The other main area of the city of Club Penguin Island is The Plaza. It is one of the most popular places in club penguin island.


  • Some agents like to rob places that are in this location.
  • Despite the buildings in the Town are popular places to rob, robbing in the actual town is quite uncommon.