The Robber Phone is a phone agents get when they join the RPA. It is actually the exact same thing as the EPF Phone, except it has more applications than the EPF Phone.

What It's Used For

It has all the technology gadgets that you need, all the spy information, and a phone to let you call people (a helicopter to pick you up, for instance). You can get messages from others too; it also has built in laser guns. It has 30 gadgets altogether in it.


  1. Built-In Lazer Guns
  2. Missile Launcher
  3. Rope Launcher
  4. Invisibility (might not work on your phone)
  5. Flipperprint Tracker
  6. Torch
  7. Spy Camera
  8. Freeze Guns
  9. Rocket Launcher
  10. Heat Tracker
  11. Universal Translator
  12. Scissors
  13. Comb
  14. Wrench
  15. View Screen
  16. Teleporter Scroll Button
  17. 14.3 Hz Auditory Impulse Receptor
  18. Snow Goggles
  19. Search and Rescue Snowmobile
  20. Helicopter (you have to call a helicopter)
  21. Thermal Scanner
  22. X-Ray Scanner
  23. Grappling Hook
  24. Glass Cutter
  25. Submarine Mode
  26. Magnet
  27. Laser-detecting Aerosol
  28. Electroshock Device
  29. Infrared Scanner
  30. Code Cracker