These are the rules of the Robber Penguin Agency, the agents are recommended to follow these rules, otherwise they will be fired.


  • It's best to go in disguise when your robbing people so nobody can notice you.
  • If someone is about to report you, vanish quickly and delete the person from your friend list if they're about to report you.
  • NEVER ever reveal the agencies plans. Do not reveal this to anyone, not even trusted RPA Agents, we can't take that risk.
  • Never lead anyone who hates robbers to the HQ since they will find out about the agencies plans and tell the Club Penguin Police Department about it.
  • If the cashier refuses to give you the money, FIGHT! Do not do any noticeable damage such as attacking them.
  • If your robber partner is arrested then try to save them, if you ignore them you'll be fired.
  • You always have to work with your robber partner on missions/robberies, if you choose not to then you could hurt their feelings which will get you half fired.
  • Think before you act, as the RPA Director takes full responsibility for all your actions.
  • NEVER rob another agent.