Robber Penguin Agency HQ
Updated HQ

Where Mountains
Opened May 2, 2014
Renovated August 3, 2014
Closed Still Open
Mini-Games Card-Jitsu, Lazer Training Attack, Sneak-In, Ultimate Escape
Room ID None
Tour Description
Here is the HQ for the Robber Penguin Agency, they have special security cameras to make sure only RPA agents can get in, dont lead anyone who hates robbers to the HQ whatsoever.

The HQ is where the Robber Penguin Agency watches over the entire island ready to steal money.

How Do I Enter?

To enter, you must either be a friend of the director on Club Penguin meaning you can enter his igloo when you find his player card, or look for his igloo on the map.

What We Do Here

Here, the RPA watches over the entire island, they have devices that let them know how much money the places have and how much the objects are. Once they find out how much money the places own/how much the objects are/or information that can stop their rivals, they send an agent out to steal the item, there are agent branches allowing people from specific divisions to get the item.


  • If anyone who is not an RPA Agent comes in, they will be thrown out by security.