Robber Partner is a pair of agents who will work together on missions, robberies and everything else. An agent will have to take the test to decide your Robber Partner because they can't choose other people, it all depends on the test. There will be different questions on every test. If your partner gets kidnapped or captured, you will have to try and free them so you can escape.

How many questions are on the test?

There are 10 questions on the test, you will need to answer every question even those you don't know. Try your best when your taking it, everyone needs to take the test.

How many scores to get a grade?

10 questions correct = A+

9 or 8 questions correct = A

7 questions correct = B+

6 or 5 questions correct = B

4 questions correct = C-

3 or 2 questions correct = C

1 or 0 questions correct = D

What type of agent will you get?

A = One Of The Pros (Director, SIC, TIC, etc.)

B = One Of The High Trainers

C = One Of The New Agents

D = One Of The Agents In Training

Robber Penguin Agency Study Handbook

See: Robber Penguin Agency Study Handbook

Each agent will have to read this before the test comes, they will have to read the entire book which has 120 pages.


If you didn't get the partner you want in the test, you will have to fill out a form and give it to the director so he can switch your partner and let you choose which one you want, however you will only have 3 days to do it, otherwise they will be yours permanently.

Current Robber Partners


  • They are also commonly known as 'Partners In Crime' but we call them Robber Partners.

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