The Robber Penguin Agency Wiki offers a real time chat. To prevent inappropriate behavior, the wiki administrators created the following policy to keep order. This page contains the rules all users must follow and the results they will have to face when they break the rules.

Things not to do

  • No giving away personal information, such as address, family information, etc.; however, because no rule in Club Penguin forbids saying a penguin's country, there should not be problem in the wiki either.
  • No swearing - Using inappropriate language in order to offend users - or mentioning/referring to/adding alcohol, drugs or sexual text to the chat. Do not think of swearing throughout your entire career on this wiki.
  • No Spamming - Spamming includes typing long and meaningless words, and spamming with emotes.
  • No Chat Wars - Creating a virtual environment of attacking users or pretending to be soldiers is forbidden.
  • No being mean (bullying) - Do not tease other users, make fun of them, or speak of them in a way that would be offensive.
  • No adding links that are inappropriate - Adding inappropriate links is not allowed no matter what the reason is.
  • No abusing powers - The chat mod right should be taken seriously, which means chat mods are strictly not allowed to play with their powers
  • No fights - Any kind of fight is strictly not allowed in chat.
  • No leet - leet is a text consisting of numbers and letters and cannot be detected by the chat filter.
  • No foreign languages - To prevent confusion and swearing in other languages, you may only speak English in the chat.


Whenever sending a report about chat, please do not take screenshots for confirming discussions in main chat (e.g. in case of someone spamming or swearing). Screenshots can easily be edited, and therefore we cannot entirely rely on them for proofs. As the chat is mostly logged, please provide the date, the time (recommended in UTC) and the users involved instead in your chat report.

The results if you break the rules

Action First offence Disobeying warnings Offences
Spamming Warning Kick 3 days ban
Swearing Ban + 3 days to 1 month block - -
Abbreviating a swear word Warning Kick 3 days ban
Personal info. revealing Kick Ban + 1 week block -
Bullying/being mean Kick Kick 3 days ban
Chat war 1 week block - -
Linking to sites with inappropriate content/products Kick Kick 1 day ban
Chat moderators abuse rights/break the rules 3 days demotion - -
Porn 1 month block
The block/ban timing may vary according to the administrator/chat moderator decision, but these are the just the most suitable block/ban times to use.

You are allowed to...

  • Chat about Club Penguin, including your penguin, your igloo etc.
  • Talk about how many places you robbed.
  • Set meetings in any other wiki without any links in chat (use Private Message).
  • Use all capital letters in one word as much as you can, as long as they're not spammed.


Our chat was made for entertainment, commutation, and to hang out with other users.