If you're going to create an article, please make sure it is about something on Club Penguin related to robbing or something about this agency, or an item related to robbers, but you are not allowed to create an article about something unrelated to the agency such as a 'Pony' or a 'Crab'. The article must have canonical content, and must be official. It must also be notable, you aren't allowed to make an article about a small aspect in Club Penguin (e.g the sound a puffle makes, or the list of different trees in Club Penguin). It must be an article within the Club Penguin franchise related to being a robber.


  • First offense will result in a warning.
  • Second offense will result in a 1 hour block.
  • Third offense will result in a 2 day block.
  • Fourth offense will result in a 1 week block.
  • Any further offenses will be discussed by the administration.