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A Rollback is a user that has been given the ability to quickly revert edits. All Patrollers, administrators and Bureaucrats have the ability to use the rollback tool, but they are not listed here. If no admins are online during a spam or vandalism attack, these are the users who you should be able to contact.

Current Rollbacks

Rollback's name Country Signature prototype Time zone Promotion date Status
Kanpo1 America User:Kanpo1 Eastern Time July 5, 2014 Fully Active
Yellowperson-Returns UK Zomg its homer simpson from CP BangarangZomg its homer simpson from CP UTC/GMT August 14, 2014 Fully Active
Bongi6 ? A Certain Pookie Hater ? August 29, 2014 Fully Active
The Puffle Planet ? ? ? October 2, 2014 Trial