An RPA Ban is a punishment agents get when they break the rules, if an agent gets 3 bans in a year, they're fired.

Reasons you can get banned for

  • Breaking expensive equipment in training.
  • Threatening to rob others.
  • Threatening to ruin missions.
  • Constantly not listening when told to stop what you're doing after excessive warnings.
  • Refusing to do a robbery.
  • Constantly ruining missions.
  • Trying to get another agent fired.
  • Being rude to others, blackmailing, threatening, swearing, hurting others (unless it's training), Attacking others (unless it's training).

Ban Time

  • Breaking expensive equipment in training (3 Days)
  • Threatening to rob others (5 Days)
  • Threatening to ruin missions (5 Days)
  • Constantly not listening when told to stop what your doing after excessive warnings (1 Week)
  • Refusing to do a robbery (10 Days)
  • Constantly ruining missions (2 Weeks)
  • Trying to get another agent fired (2 Weeks)
  • Being rude to others (2 Weeks)
  • Threatening (3 Weeks)
  • Hurting Others (unless it's training) (1 Month)
  • Attacking (unless it's training) (2 Months)
  • Blackmailing (3 Months)


  • If an agent goes way too far (EX: Doing something really bad) they can get a forever ban.