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This article is about something that was for a period of time or is no longer with the Robber Penguin Agency.
Operation Capture

Members only? Yes
When June 16 2014 - June 29 2014
Free Item(s) Police Disguises
Location Club Penguin Island, Penguin City
Mascot(s) None

Operation Capture is a mission that Agent Cream Pie was sent on. It began on June 16, 2014 and then ended on June 29, 2014.

What You Had To Do

This mission had Agent Cream Pie to capture the chief of the CPPD and find out his identity so the Robber Penguin Agency will know who he is and find out all his secret information.



The mission begins and Unknown sends Bon Chaos out to find 10 clues where the chief of the CPPD is.


Nothing happened on this day


Omega finds out about what may happen to the chief and gets security to make sure that the RPA doesn't get in, but however since Unknown has a card to get in, he can get in at any time so they double the security. Meanwhile, Bon Chaos is playing Mario Kart 8 in his bedroom while Unknown texts him to start the mission but they get into an argument over texting about the mission.

6/19/14 - 6/20/14

Nothing happened on these days.


Unknown replaces Bon Chaos since he is doing very little progress with Agent Cream Pie, he finds the first clue and runs off to the SPA HQ with the security card, he overhears that 2 people are planning to kill Omega X and he teleports to the Robber Penguin Agency HQ to warn Unknown. Cream Pie returns to the Staff Room and triggers the explosions which activates the JK-2099.X protocol; Cream Pie does a big leap and grabs the data and runs back with them to Unknown and then goes to search for more clues.


Agent Cream Pie gets data that the chief usually goes to the plaza so he goes there to find him, while Unknown lets Bon back into the mission making it a 2-Agent mission.


Nothing happened on this day


Agent Bon Chaos drops out of the mission because he doesn't like solo missions so he lets Agent Cream Pie do it himself, Unknown is fine with it.

25/6/14 - 28/6/14

Nothing happened on these days


Agent Cream Pie goes to the Plaza again to find the chief but fails meanwhile the chief in disguise as a regular customer leaves while Unknown sends ACP a message to warn him, after a high speed chase he finally catches the chief and takes him to the RPA HQ and is revealed to be Chapa23. Chapa is forced to give the RPA all of the CPPD information which can be found here. After they read the information they throw Chapa23 into the water and then end the mission.


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