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Operation C.O.O.L
Operation Cool

Members only? No
When May 20 - May 22 2014
Free Item(s) See Free Items
Location Abandoned Building in Penguin City
Mascot(s) None

Operation C.O.O.L was a mission that RPA Agents were sent-on, the mission started on May 20, 2014 and ended on May 22, 2014.


Operation COOL stands for:

C = Coming

O = Off

O = Over

L = Luckiness

Agents Who Participated In The Mission

Enemies Who Took Part In The Mission


A secret meeting was held on May 19, 2014 on Chat. 3 Agents attended the meeting, those agents were 'Agent Unknown', 'Agent Brohoof', and 'Agent Night Owl'. Agent Bon Chaos missed the meeting so he had to go on chat with Agent Unknown and he told him the plan, he promised to remember it.



Agent Unknown is in his helicopter up in the sky and sends the agents a message to come and help him get the jewels, they recieve the message and climb up a rope into his helicopter and they fly higher into the sky and land on top of the abandoned buildings roof.


Agent Brohoof and Agent Night Owl were sent out to destroy the cameras with some gadgets, while Agent Club and Agent Firebolt Cog were sent out to capture some CPPD Officers and steal their disguises. Agent Unknown and the other RPA Agents snuck inside and devised a plan, then Unknown went and slided down a pole and got the disguises from Club and Firebolt. Evanescence and Night Owl successfully destroyed the security cameras. Later, the agents arrived at the abandoned building and Agent Club stole a blue gem but Agent Omega X stole it back, Bon Chaos ran so far away and tripped over a box and got the Orange Emerald, Club ran so fast and got the Blue Gem back and teleported away so quickly that Omega couldn't stop him.


Omega X realized that he knew Unknown so much that he'd get the Red Jewel so he ate it to prevent Unknown from getting it, and he thought that, if he swallowed the Red Jewel, it'd be gone for good but he'd also disappear in the accomplishment of duty. However Unknown came with Bon Chaos, started a surgical operation on Omega X and got the Red Jewel. He gave it to Club and they used their teleporters to teleport back to the HQ, Omega tried to say 'No!' but he couldn't as he fainted, they teleported back and hid the jewels, then they waited for Agents Brohoof, Night Owl, and FireboltCog to return, when they all did, they celebrated completing the mission.

What you had to do

The mission was to stop the Club Penguin Police Department from hiding/protecting the Secret Jewels Of Club Penguin, and steal the jewels without getting caught.

Free Items

Image Item Type Location Members only?
Jet Pack icon Jet Pack Neck Item Abandoned Building in Penguin City Yes
Jewels Secret Jewels Of Club Penguin Hand Item No
250px-Righteous Bison Bison
Images (9) The Infinity Shooter
250px-RED Cow Mangler 5000 The Cow Mangler 5000

The secret jewels

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