Omega & Co. Detective Agency
Our cases are always solved, and the problems are resolved.
Founded Unknown date
Closed Still open
Status Active
Leader Agent Omega X
Headquarters Omega Tower Attic, Penguin City
Alias(es) OCDA

The Omega & Co. Detective Agency (or OCDA) is a detective agency founded by Omega X. It specializes in solving ANY kind of cases, from simple thefts to international criminal cases. It's known for not using codenames for their detectives.

Types of Cases (Work In Progress)

Thefts (of ANY kind, but RPA-related ones are left to the SPA)

  • Missing pets
  • Drug selling
  • Smuggling
  • International Criminal Cases

Known Agents

  • Detective Omega X (Leader)
  • Detective Obookey (Cadet)
  • Detective Ballono (Cadet)
  • Detective Titanium (Cadet)