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Agent Bon Chaos

Full Name Obookey (or Matt Walsh as his real name)
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position EPF, PHD, UPF, RPA Agent and Former PSA Agent
Appeared See Appearances
Color Red
Clothes Items Red Ball Cap or The Jammin'-Head

Red Sunglasses (Old) 3-D Glasses) Pendant Necklace (Old)-Neck DJ Headphones (New)-Neck Black Hoodie-Body Hand-Any of his Puffles and Bannana Cream Pie or Paddle Ball-Hand Brown Leather Shoes (Old) Green Bunny Slippers (New)

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Friends With Agent Unknown, Agent Brohoof, Agent B, Agent Titanium, Agent Club , Agent Extreme, Larry The Gadget Guy, Agent Omega X, Agent Future/Galaxy/Universe, other people in the agencies he works for, people on his Friends List and you (if you add him)
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Meetable Character? Yes
That's two Shamwows, for the price of three!
— Agent Bon Chaos

Obookey (better known by his agent name of Agent Bon Chaos, or by his real name, Matt Walsh) is a citizen in the island of Club Penguin who has many different jobs, some causal, some professional. He is an Agent in the EPF, PHD, UPF, RPASPA and formerly an Agent of the PSA.    



Matt 'Obookey' Walsh was born on a private island near in Penguin City (called Flaming City at the time) into a rich family, he was living the life, fancy food, servants, whatever he wanted when he wanted it, he was living the life! However,when Obookey was 4, the Mega Penguin Force (Basically the Elite Penguin Force/Penguin Secret Agency/Supreme Penguin Agency/Ultimate Penguin Force at the time) found out that the reason Obookey's family were so rich was because they were the biggest drug dealers in all of Flaming City disguised as a CEO of a music company! Obookey's parents were jailed for life and Obookey was put into a orphanage, now hears the thing, Obookey wasn't a Pookie,he was a red 'Chick' who wore a red ball cap and black hoodie. He was bullied by the other children called 'Pookies' for not being 'normal'. He then vowed to hate these creatures for the rest of his life. After about 3 months in the orphanage, Obookey had enough of it, he was going to escape the this hell-hole known as a orphanage. It was just past midnight, the entire orphange was asleep, it was the perfect time to escape, he grabbed a bit of food and drink from the orphange kitchen, he made a rope out of a few old blankets, he used the rope made out of blankets to reach a window, he then found out then found out the window was closed and fell, luckily he didn't make anyone wake up, he went to the owners of the orphanage's room, and took the key for the window, he once again clmbed up the blanket rope, unlocked the window, opened it, and crawled out of it, he was free!




'I could eat you for lunch! Like a delicious muffin.'


  • He has 36 Puffles (one of each kind).
  • He is the TIC of the RPA, and the second to join (1st of you don't count Agent Unknown).
  • He lives in the Igloo village, not Penguin City
  • He is the main scientist of the RPA along with Larry The Gadget Guy.
  • His Wikia name is BonBooker, and is a Bureaucrat on this Wiki