Handcuffs are what the Club Penguin Police Department and Robber Penguin Agency use to capture each other.

Types of Handcuffs

Normal Handcuffs

Used by the Club Penguin Police Department, the Supreme Penguin Agency and the Robber Penguin Agency. They're normal, standard handcuffs.

Energy Handcuffs

Used exclusively by the Supreme Penguin Agency. They are made of an adamantium-vibranium secret alloy. They drain the wearer's energy to a level that they (the wearer) can hardly do anything besides breathing. The only known owner of these is Agent Omega X.

Power Cuffs

A Special type of Kaniumn (A Rare Type of Indestructible Metal found in Penguin City mines) made by Agent Bon Chaos, if the enemy tries escape, it will Electrocute the user, makes them drusy and tired and more. The only known owners are Agent Bon Chaos.

Venom Cuffs

Made of an astatine-adamantium-kaniumn- vibranium alloy. It slowly injects taipan, black mamba and russel's viper venom ito the victim. Made by Agent Brohoof, they are exclusive to the RPA.