EPF Command Room

Where Below the Everyday Phoning Facility
Opened May 27, 2010
Renovated March 6, 2014
Closed Still open
Mini-Games In-Game Missions, System Defender, Spy Drills
Room ID 323
Tour Description
Agents this is the Command Room
Defend the mainframe in System Defender
Hone your skills with Spy Drills
Be ready to protect the island
We are the best of the best
The EPF Command Room (a.k.a. the EPF Headquarters) is the official headquarters of the EPF. It replaced the PSA Headquarters after the Popcorn Explosion that happened on May 27th, 2010. Penguins can enter it via the EPF Phone and the Everyday Phoning Facility, and the Tube Transport allowed entering the VR Room.