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Club Penguin was an island and city-state where penguins lived in. The penguins there, in contrast to real life penguins, could dress up, talk intelligently and even have a cup of coffee or a slice of pizza! Club Penguin Island was in Antartica, and was somewhat related to Penguin City. The island was demolished on March 29th, 2017 after over 11 years of it being open.

Did it have protection/law enforcing?

The Club Penguin Island had many protector teams. This is a list of all the teams that have ever protected the island, listed by order of creation:

  • Supreme Penguin Agency (first appearance in December 1, 2013, final appearance and destruction in November 13, 2014)

What businesses did it have?

Club Penguin had a lot of works for people to take, such as a police officer, firefighter, Pizza Parlor employee, Coffee Shop employee, DJ,  and more! There was also a harder-to-find job, which is the Secret Agent job, but you got paid for it; 350 coins per month. Also, the Tour Guide job required 45 days of living in the island and taking a test, but it was also paid; 250 coins per month. If we combined these two salaries, it makes a total of 600 coins per month!