This is Agent R's Secret Airplane And Hideout, this is his base for the Robber Penguin Agency and it's where he keeps his stolen money, fly around Club Penguin to do robberies.

How To Enter

  1. Go To The Test Run (back of ski mountain)
  2. You will see a house
  3. Enter and then you will see all he has
  4. Go To The Fireplace
  5. Enter The Password (Ricky03107 owner of igloo)
  6. You will see the fire disappear and a hole
  7. Slide in the hole
  8. When you are in the hole you will need to say your name, then it transports you to the highest mountain. (If you are not his friend, or RPA Agent, the hole will kick you off)
  9. You are here


We were able to get a photo of his airplane, here is a photo of it 
Agent R's airplane

Agent R's airplane