Agent Minion

Full Name  ?
Species  ?
Gender Male
Position RPA Agent, Former SPA Agent
Appeared Operation: Music
Color Yellow
Clothes Items  ?
Related To  ?
Friends With Agent Unknown, Agent BonLax, Agent Omega Zero
Pets  ?
Meetable Character? Yes (CP Username Not Revealed)

Agent Minion is an Agent of the Robber Penguin Agency, and a former agent of the Supreme Penguin Agency.


One day, Agent Unknown was waddling on Club Penguin Island trying to find pookie haters and arrest them, but while trying to find one that escaped, he found an spa and entered it, thinking the hater entered it. After searching a lot, he found the SPA and wondered what it was about. After Omega X told him what it was about, he was invited to join and he accepted the invite. He named his private assistant Minion and they began working and training together. His first mission 'Undercover Breakout' turned out greatly, His second mission 'Getting our stuff back' resulted in him getting hurt and Agent Unknown had to heal him and help him get better after the mission ended. In Mission 4, A company called Hackpros.INC hacked Agent Unknown's Ultimate Phone and almost deleted him. However they only used him to create a copy of him called 'Evil Minion', Minion was able to defeat Evil Minion and him and Agent Unknown celebrated defeating their first boss.

On May 9, 2014, Minion joined the RPA and is still working on some robberies to plan, he chose the codename 'Agent Minion' along with Zero and BonLax.

On May 12, 2014, Omega X called Unknown to a private place for a matter to be discussed, but Minion called Zero to an also private place. Minion accused Zero of going to leave the RPA without advising it. Zero didn't know what Minion was talking about, to which the latter replied that Omega X and Unknown were discussing about the former leaving the RPA. Zero agreed about that, saying that since both (Omega X & Zero) had the same DNA, they take the same decisions. Minion considered that the last straw. He grabbed Zero, took him to the RPA Home Page (where the Log Off door was), kicked him to the Log Off door and left. Zero then returned to Omega X's Supreme Phone.