Bomb Former EPF Agent
This article is about someone who used to be an EPF Agent on Club Penguin.

Agent L

Full Name LukeLeia75
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position  ?
Appeared Most of RPA operations since when joined.
Color Brown
Clothes Items  ?
Related To  ?
Friends With  ?
Pets  ?
Meetable Character? Yes
If you were looking for the user, see LukeLeia75.

Agent L is a brazilian Robber Penguin Agency agent, the tech specialist and the vehicle master on the RPA. He had somewhat a dark past, but his interest in technology lead him to produce new experiments, that today have aided the RPA in tracking their enemies, having faster vehicles and more advanced weaponry.

List of inventions

  • GoPro MACRO.
  • Auto 350 rp radio transmitter.
  • A genetically modified atom that "dances" while "listens" to a song's beat.
  • 480 MP SONORO sound receiver.
  • 350 rp radio transmission cracker.
  • ANIQUILADOR bullet.
  • Audio & Camera headset with heat and nocturnal vision + base computer with nano drone that records every step of the headset carrier.
  • RPA Smartphone with front camera. RPA Radio Transmissions app included + support to PengDroid.
  • RPA Advanced Machine Gun Jeep
  • RPA Training Jeep
  • RPA Air Fighter
  • RPA Air Bomber
  • RPA Air Interceptor
  • Modified Lamborghini Aventador with RPA Gadgets.


  • His favorite bands are Linkin Park, Imagine Dragons and The Living Tombstone.
  • His favorite games are The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, FIFA and all Five Nights at Freddy's games.
  • He is the first, and currently only brazilian agent in the RPA.
  • He is the founder and CEO of the Anti-Saraapril Rebellion, whose RPA used to have good relations with.
  • His best friends are Agent Nintendo and Agent Titanium.