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Agent Black Puffle (A.K.A.Sunshine0405 or Kanpo1) is an Agent of the Robber Penguin Agency, agent of Elite Penguin Force, Agent of the KLA, agent in the PHD, agent in the SPA, and formerly an agent of the PSA. His black puffle, Scraggy, helps him out in robberies and operations. He has finished many operations in Club Penguin.

Agent Black Puffle

Full Name Agent Black Puffle
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Position RPA Agent, SIC of the KLA, EPF Agent
Appeared Operation: Music, Operation: Frozen, Operation: Robot
Color Black
Clothes Items Custom Hoodie, Black Hair
Related To Family, Friends, Pets,
Friends With Agent Bon Chaos, Agent Unknown, Agent Titanium, Agent Brohoof
Pets  ?
Meetable Character? Yes


  • Kanpo1 (Agent Black Puffle) joined the EPF on January 11th, 2012.
  • He has 4 more black puffles (Scraggy 2-5) a black dinosaur puffle (Dino) and a cat puffle (Scraggycat) to help him out in missions.
  • He loves black puffles thus his agent name.

Operation: Robot

In Operation: Robot, Agent Black Puffle owned Blaze and Spark. Agent Unknown gave him Anti-Lava Boots after the mission as a reward. He really likes it and wears it during every mission.